Alice W. Leung

Business Case

The Cupcake Kit

E-commerce, Competitive Analysis, Flow Diagrams, Sitemap, Sketches, Wireframes, Visual Design

Creators: A. Leung, A. Miller, H. Ho, L. Penalber

Value Proposition

The Company

The Cupcake Kit is a company that provides fun, colorful, bake-ready cupcake kits for bakers and parents who enjoy mixing and baking in the kitchen. The best part is that no experience is required for baking delicious and beautiful cupcakes.

What we promote

Our products promote team bonding, parent-to-children bonding, and educational activities in a classroom setting. We also encourage zero-waste baking as all of our products are pre-measured with proper amounts of ingredients.

Company Structure

The Cupcake Kit has no physical stores, and has no kitchen equipment or supplies to maintain. We only sell packages of decorating supplies and cupcake mixes which include all dry ingredients for batter and frosting.

Purchasing Plans

Business Model

Purchasing Options
Individual Purchasing

Customers who purchase less than 10 packages per order will be considered individual purchasers. The Cupcake Kit offers regular price plus shipping fee for individual purchasing.

Monthly Subscription

The Cupcake Kit will make new kits for customers every month. Customers can go with our suggestions or make their own selections (like Amazon’s Subscribe and Save).

Bulk Purchasing

Customers who purchase more than 10 packages per order will be considered as bulk purchasers. The Cupcake Kit offers free shipping for customers who purchase more than 10 packages.


Market Competition

Indirect and Direct Competitors
Indirect Competitor
Blue Apron

This company is a dinner subscription service, and it's our indirect competitor. It delivers fresh ingredients for up to four recipes per week for $70 or less. The recipes always change, so the user is never bored. It is not a direct competitor because it doesn’t offer dessert options, but its subscription service was the initial inspiration for The Cupcake Kit’s plan.

Direct Competitor
My Bakers Box

My Bakers Box is a direct competitor. This company is a primarily a subscription-based service that sells baking kits that “includes recipes, ideas and more” for all different types of desserts. Subscriptions range from $25 for a single month to $228 for a full year, and they also sell small individual items for baking, like cookie cutters or sprinkles. It does not seem to sell the majority of the food products needed for baking.

Bake It Pretty

Bake It Pretty is a direct competitor. This company sells baking supplies and some edible decorations. They do not sell kits for the entire baking process, but do sell some pipette and other decorative sets. They also sell products that have different themes for parties. It used to have a brick and mortar location, but it closed sometime between 2011 and now.


This company is the most like The Cupcake Kit, but it serves the UK. It offers individual kits and a subscription service for a very low cost: £24 for three months, £45 for six, and £85 for twelve. Each kit comes with the dry ingredients necessary to bake different types of desserts and the recipes are created by professional baker, Michel Roux. It does not sell accessories or other supplies needed to bake the goods.

Scratch and Grain

This company was a Shark Tank success. While they don’t have a physical location, their kits are in physical stores, like Target. They sell kits that include all of the dry ingredients for baking desserts and sell a couple baking accessories, though they’re hidden on the site.

Customer Types

Intended Customers

The intended customer base of The Cupcake Kit wants to learn how to bake or participating in enjoyable activity with others. They can range from individuals to groups. The majority of the customer base will be female, between 20 - 45 years old. All customers will be located in major U.S. cities and surrounding areas.

4 Main Customer Types
Novice Bakers

These customers are new to baking and are interested in learning the basics. They need easy recipes and simple-to-use tools. Novice Bakers will typically be young, in college, or just graduated from college. They will make up a majority of first-time users due to impulsivity.

Intermediate Bakers

These types of bakers aren’t quite expert, but they have baked numerous times. They are looking for a variety of recipes with complexity. Their main motivation for purchasing is to keep up with baking as a hobby. These customers will typically be a young professional to mid-career level.


Parents are usually based in the surrounding suburbs of major cities. They are the gate-keepers to their children’s activities. Since children are indirect customers, the packages are made for parents working with their for novice users, ages 5 - 12. They are always on the lookout for collaborative, positive learning opportunities for their children.


Teachers are very similar to Parents, but differ in how many children they are working with. Students are indirect customers, using packages built for a group setting, learning environment. Teachers for 5-12 year old students will typically be in their mid-twenties to thirties.

Navigational Flowchart

Navigational Flowchart

We created an initial detailed flowchart to understand the entire process of the user’s journey from start (opening The Cupcake Kit website) to finish (product delivered to customer).

Card Sorting

Card Sorting

We then made an open card sort using OptimalSort. We wanted to understand if the location of the pages we are going to build are in the categories that would make sense to the users (target audience).

Site Map

Site Map

Based on the results of the open card sort, we constructed a site map using Omnigraffle to show the information architecture of our website.



After doing some research on popular E-commerce sites such as Amazon and Walmart, we sketched out multiple designs for the team to choose.



Our team decided on a design, and wireframes are created to draft the first version of website layout.

Style Tile

Style Tile & Image Collection

Style Tile was created to come up with the possible colors, typeface, fonts, and imagery of what the website would look and feel. Images were also collected and organized prior to building the eCommerce website.

Final Product

Final Product

Visit the site →
Fully-Functional E-commerce Website

This e-commerce website is fully functional and is created using the Wordpress platform. We conducted a few usability testing to get feedback from users, and incorporated changes within this final product.

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